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Refreshing look: Don't get boring

Custom exhibition stands with unlimited design possibilities enable exhibitors to customize their exhibition presentation as custom built stands are build with materials as wood glass plaxyglass and can be shaped. A refreshing look for the next exhibition or a new design concept can boost the trade show presentation. Exhibitors create their exhibition presence by keeping a recognizable look with previous fair presentations or they decide for new innovative design concepts.

A new custom exhibition stand often are completely different than the previous year exhibition stand concept. A new exhibition stand design can surprise audience with a brand new concept show innovation, modernity. The recognizable elements are often only logos and some color combination.

Completely new can be impressive

Activteam exhibition markenter David Blonde says: "This is a fine strategy to attempt the position as an innovator in the market segment specially for brands established in the market, if the company is well known.
Modern stand design can impress. Potential customers may choice the company as they expect to see something different and new. The strategy can work in a market with old conservative established companies."
but according to David Blonde some design accents and some characteristics of the company should be implemented in any new design concept.

Custom exhibition stands with a strong visual identity gives an organization its own look, makes the company recognizable, increase the company's importance. Implementing in the exhibition booth design company's characteristics is a key issue especially in today's crowded markets, where the exhibitor can get lost in the crowd.

Our exhbition stand designers provide custom exhibition stand solutions for every business and industry. Our markenters and designers will incorporate your visual characteristics in the new design concept. We provide design concepts where the company's characteristics and every element and design will be aligned with the brand and the marketing strategy.


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Custom exhibition stands

Keeping the company's position at the market strong

The corporate identity creates an impression of the company, shows the style of an organization, without descriptive terms. Successful custom exhibition stand presentations needs a professional visualization of the exhibitor's corporate identity by creating the general look, color scheme and the right design concept to enhance the visual identity of an organization.
Our designers are working extensively with exhibitors and every time they introduce new products or services, we provide exhibition stand solutions that are consistent with the exhibitor's corporate identity, keeping the company's position at the market strong.

We design custom exhibition stands and provide a substantial and perfect sales plattform for your exhibition presentation.

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