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Differentiation strategy with custom exhibition stands


Custom designed exhibition stands with a strong visual identity gives an organization its own look, makes the company recognizable, increase the importance.

Implementing in the exhibition stand design company's characteristics is a key issue especially in today's crowded markets, where the exhibitor can get lost in the crowd.

By Activteam you will find the best Designers, project managers and exhibition marketers to help getting your organization started with your exhibition booth design and strategy.

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Custom designed exhibition stands

More professional approach means more results

The corporate identity creates an impression of the company, shows the style of an organization, without descriptive terms. A successful exhibition presentation needs a professional visualization of the exhibitor's corporate identity by creating the general look, color scheme and the right stand design concept to enhance the visual identity of an organization. As result custom designed exhibition stands are substantial and perfect sales plattforms for your exhibition presentation.

Our designers are working extensively with exhibitors and every time they introduce new products or services, we provide custom designed exhibition stand solutions that are consistent with the exhibitor's corporate identity, keeping the company's position at the exhibition strong.