Exhibition Design - Find the Right Appearance


A successful stand design should establish a unique identity and create a memorable visual look.
The same recognizable look and feel, character and identity in your new design must turn an abstract identity into a face people can like and trust, therefore exhibition design is the art of finding the right mixture of abstraction and emotion.

The goal is to create a complete, integrated package that will be a unique and inviting presence at a fair so that visitors often surrounded by many competing demands for their attention will be attracted to the stand, and then have a memorably enjoyable visit enhanced by both the stand and the personnel. With a cleverly conceived, custom designed stand the exhibitor’s message and branding is much powerfully established.

Thus, the exhibiting personnel are free to interact more personally and effectively with visitors
to promote the desired commercial cooperation which, after all, is the most important
purpose of the exhibition.
Branding should establish a unique identity, yet be adaptable to all kinds of media.
A custom design is the key for for attracting more visitors, more contacts and brings in more business.

stand design realized stand

Stands that put you apart from the rest

Activteam offers a different style and innovative approach in our stand design concepts and solutions. We use a variety of materials and designs to capture your image.
Activteam can maintain your visual image or give you a new look for each presentation.